Did you know that Americans drink about 146 billion cups of coffee every year? Coffee is a part of many people’s mornings, break times, and alone time. Many say, it is a hug in a cup and it never disappoints when you need one. However, how well do you know your coffee? You would be surprised to know some amazing facts about your cup of Joe and appreciate it even more.

Brewabilitylab.com was a project by a group of coffee enthusiasts and baristas who went to the same business school in Nebraska. They built a coffee shop together and tried to see if it was going to work out. It did, and it worked out so well. They have received amazing feedback from their customers, especially for their wall decors that boast coffee facts around the globe. Not only that their customers get to sip a good cup of Joe, but they also get to immerse into a different coffee experience as they spend their afternoon at their coffee shop looking at over 500 facts about coffee.

With the incredible reception from their customers, they decided to launch a website that will not only promote their coffee shop but will also share articles about coffee to the world. You don’t need to fly to Nebraska just to see the coffee facts on the wall because brewabilitylab.com will deliver these to you through its articles written by our team.